What Would It Be like Without Pest Control?

There are a lot of people in favor of using pesticides and other forms of chemicals to treat pests. However, there are a lot of people who gave their consent and go signals in approving the use of chemicals in controlling pests. Many have given their points and views on how to solve pest issues whether in the household, commercial businesses and even in the agriculture industry. There are a lot of entrepreneurs who agree to use chemicals for they are thinking about the sustainability and the future of their business. There are either wives who disagree with this idea for they are afraid of their family being exposed to chemicals. What we are stressing here is people do have different views but let us try to weigh and see the bold goal of having pest control nowadays. Let us try to discuss and point specific pros and cons on this matter.

With Pest Control

1. Entire Crops will be washed out – If without pest control, entire crops will be wiped out because pests grow in number rapidly that makes easier for them to destroy what farmers have started.
2. Financial Crisis will arise – This is very true for farmers and for people who are dependent on agriculture in their finances. If there are no finished product means no income at all.
3. Food prices will arise – Due to a shortage of supply in food, a lot of businesses will do a price hike.
4. Crop quality will go down – If pests will attack agriculture, do you think the crops are still of good quality?Definitely not. That is why it is highly recommended to practice pest control to continue good records  of production
5.Rats would be unstoppable – Do you remember learning about the black plague? The Disease in the middle ages that killed the majority of the population in Europe, without rodent control they may spiral out into a huge problem again.

Without Pest Control

1. Increase in Global Health – Of course, if the community won’t be exposed in chemicals, they will have improved health.
2. Decrease in chronic disease – If we cut or stop ourselves from accessing chemicals, we could possibly avoid diseases.
3. Clean water supply – Water is also a contribution for successful pest control process. If this process will stop, people will have an access for clean water supply.

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