Pest Control Hornsby, What’s Our Edge Among the Others?

Competition is really natural especially when it comes to businesses with the same nature. You need to create and implement a strategy that is effective in attracting more clients. Common factors that make a business ahead of the others are (1) fees for their services (2) the treatment customer service staff gives (2) the quality of the service. However, aside from the three, there are a lot of factors that makes us being on top of the others.


  1. Response Time – This refers to the allotted time you spend in catering certain issues of a client. If you have less response time, that means you are attentive enough to wait for customers who will inquire and avail of your service. This is what Pest Control Hornsby can give you. We have standby staffs that will willingly and quickly listen to your problem.
  2. We Only Use Branded and Quality Products – We know how dear your home and your properties are to you so we do not want us to rush in your homes only to damage some of your properties that are why we only use safe and effective chemicals.
  3. Free Revisits – If we already visited your homes and done series of inspection but then there are still insects found, you can have us come over again for FREE and check.
  4. We Do the Inspection BETTER and DIFFERENT from others – We have add-ons to our inspection process that makes us DIFFERENT from the rest. We have added another step that we found useful and beneficial for you and that is for you to FIND OUT!
  5. WE ARE ┬ásocially ACTIVE – We have active social media accounts and we highlight our SERVICES to it. We also post and let everybody know our PROMOS and DISCOUNTS if we have one.
  6. GUARANTEE – We guarantee that we deliver first class service and we offer Money Back under such circumstances mentioned in our agreement.
  7. FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE – We have a friendly atmosphere as soon as you place your feet in our office. We greet you nicely and OFFER you the service that is best suitable for your needs. We also have several nice customer associates that will help you until you are done with your problem.

Pest Control Hornsby is perfect for you! Give us a call or a visit and we will gladly accommodate you!

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